Librem AweSIM

$99.00 / month and a $9.99 sign-up fee

  • Unlimited* high-speed 4G/4G-LTE data
  • Unlimited talk time and texts within the USA
  • The ability to send texts globally, to over 160 countries at no additional cost
  • Roaming included at no additional cost within the US, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico
  • Video streaming at full speed

* After using 20GB of data in a particular month, data may be slowed to 128Kbps for remainder of the month
* Sign-up fee and payment for the first month are not refundable

Currently only available in the United States

Note: Librem AweSIM card will be activated when it is shipped. You will be charged $99 right now. Next charge will happen one month after your card is shipped.

Need a basic plan? Librem SIMple offers unlimited talk, text and 3GB data for $39/month.

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