Purist VPN Tunnel Beta

$5.00 / month with a 3-month free trial

Purist Services makes private, secure communication available to everyone. Keep your Internet traffic private by sending it through the Purist VPN Tunnel. When your traffic goes through the tunnel:

  • your ISP can't monitor your browsing or inspect any of your browsing data;
  • websites you visit don't know your original IP address or location (you appear to come from Switzerland);
  • Purist Services will know your IP address, and the IP address of the website you are visiting, but we cannot see your browsing data.

Installation details:

Please note: at this time, Purist Services is a beta product suitable for users who are comfortable following desktop configuration instructions.

  • Immediately after subscribing you will be emailed a receipt with a link to your unique VPN certificate. We provide instructions on installing the certificate on your Librem laptop, but you can also use it any device running an OpenVPN client.
  • Follow the link to download the certificate. Use the same username and passphrase you use here in the Purism store. (If this is your first purchase, you will set these details when you make your purchase.)