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The Back to School sale is on!

For some of you, it is a time to return your educational institution and continue the important process of learning about the world around you—maybe for some of you it is the first time being part of higher education, while some of you might be long-time academic researchers and associates. For those who are sick of their thick laptops weighing down on their backpacks and who would also want something with security in mind, what better way to start the school year than with a Purism laptop?!

While learning important topics like economics, computer science, mathematics, history and law, why not also be the teacher and show folks around you the importance of privacy and security? At Purism, our laptops are geared for exactly that.

Now you can save money with our back to school special. From now till September 9th, enjoy significant savings on our in-stock laptops and be protected: on any of our current Librem 13 or Librem 15 laptops, use coupon BTS-SHJXO-18 to benefit from rebates ranging from $100 to $465 (Librem 13) and from $115 to over $480 (Librem 15) depending on the configuration. The more you spend on upgrades and accessories, the greater the savings! Of course, if you want to order laptops for a whole classroom, we won’t stop you…

If you’re looking for even more affordable alternatives and don’t need the uncompromising anti physical tampering features that our TPM-enabled laptops provide, you may be interested in the non-TPM variants of our laptops on clearance (limited quantities available, depending on the keyboard layout you choose). The same coupon code applies, allowing you to grab some of those laptops for as low as $927.07!

Warehouse Clearance Sale! Librem laptops starting at $999

We sometimes get asked whether we will sell previous Librem models at a discount. The fact is that we normally don’t have a lot of Librem laptops lying around–the current stock sells out quickly and we order new batches. However, we also sometimes offer more than one type of Librem 13 or 15 laptop so customers can pick which hardware appeals most to them. Most recently this happened when we offered you the choice of i5 vs. i7 CPU and the choice of adding on a TPM chip. The demand for the i7 CPU and TPM chips were overwhelming to the point that both the i7 and TPM chip are now standard on our entire product line.

Standardizing on i7 and TPM means that we still have some laptops in the warehouse that either have an i5 CPU or don’t feature TPM so we will be offering these models at a significant discount! As you might expect, supplies are limited–when we run out of these models they are gone for good so you have to act fast. Like our current Librem 13 and Librem 15 laptops these are new in box and have our standard warranty and free international shipping.

Here’s what’s on sale:

  • Librem 13 (i5 CPU) US keyboard, no TPM: starting at $999
  • Librem 13 (i5 CPU) UK keyboard, no TPM: starting at $999
  • Librem 13 (i7 CPU) US keyboard, no TPM: starting at $1199
  • Librem 13 (i7 CPU) UK keyboard, no TPM: starting at $1199
  • Librem 15 (i7 CPU) US keyboard, no TPM: starting at $1399
  • Librem 15 (i7 CPU) UK keyboard, no TPM: starting at $1399

All of these models are now available for sale on our warehouse clearance page while supplies last!

Librem 15 sale? Librem 13 sale? Why not both?

Yesterday we’ve been pleasantly surprised to hear from Publisher of the legendary Linux Journal that we have been featured in their latest May issue focused on privacy. Shawn Powers, associate editor at Linux Journal, purchased a Librem 13 for his own use and decided to review it in depth. The result is a glowing review that warms our hearts after this particularly long winter (remember, our team is international, so most of us are not surfing the beaches of San Francisco). Read more

New Inventory with TPM by Default, Free International Shipping

In November, we announced the availability of our Trusted Platform Module as a $99 add-on for early adopters, something that would allow us to cover the additional parts & labor costs, as well as test the waters to see how much demand there might be for this feature. We thought there would be “some” interest in that as an option, but we were not sure how much, especially since it was clearly presented as an “early preview” and offered at extra cost.

Well, it turns out that a lot of people want this. We were pleasantly surprised to see that, with orders placed since that time, 98% of customers chose to have a TPM even at extra cost. This proved there is very strong market demand for the level of security this hardware add-on can provide.

2018’s first new batch is in stock—with TPM

Thanks to the investment of those early TPM adopters who voted with their wallets and gave us the necessary “business case” and resources to work it out, we are extremely proud to announce that we now include the TPM chip in all new Librem 13 and Librem 15 orders by default, as a standard feature of our newest hardware revision shipping out this month.

All the rest of the chip specifications remain the same.

It is still costing us money to add the TPM feature, but we decided to eat the cost, as the greater public benefit is more important than profits (and that is in line with our social purpose status and mission). Adding a TPM by default without increasing the base price is a major accomplishment toward having security by default, and paves the way for convenient security and privacy protection for everyone. In addition to the previous announcement, you can read Kyle’s post to understand the security implications.

Wait, there’s more!

  • We are now offering Free International Shipping on all orders. This is essentially a permanent rebate of approximately 100 USD to all new international customers! As we have grown we have been able to leverage more standardized shipping options, and are now in a position to pass on that savings to Purism customers. Please note, however, that shipping insurance, local taxes, customs fees and import duties are still your responsibility as customers.
  • Thanks to popular demand, we are now offering Librem 13 and Librem 15 laptops with the backlit German keyboard layout. They are available for purchase in our store now, and will begin rolling out in mid-March.

Only a few non-TPM laptops remain in stock with the UK keyboard layout, so we are making a sale today to clear out that portion of the inventory. If you were looking for a Librem 13 with the UK physical key layout and no TPM, you can grab one of the few remaining ones and get an additional $99 off the previous no-TPM base price. In other words, instead of paying $1,478 “plus shipping” for the base configuration of the Librem 13 UK, you now pay $1,379 with free shipping!

We would like to thank all our users of Librem laptops and FSF endorsed PureOS, as well as all those that have backed the Librem 5 phone, and of course all those people who support us by feedback, kind words, and spreading the word. It is with this unified education approach that we can change the future of computing and digital rights for the better.

We have more great news in the pipeline. Next month, we hope to announce another major milestone in our inventory management & shipping operations. Stay tuned!

Announcing our discount program for Debian Developers

We are kicking off a program that will provide Debian Developers a 20% discount on the price of our new laptops base configurations (i.e.: without extras) and 50% off of the price of our refurbished base configurations. This amounts to $280 off of a new Librem 13 and $320 off of a new Librem 15. This discount program is designed as another way which Purism SPC gives back to the Free Software technologies and communities that we rely on for PureOS, the GNU/Linux Distribution we maintain and preload on our Librem line of devices as a convenience to users. Since PureOS is a modified version of Debian, we feel that Debian developers are PureOS developers as well and we want to reward their contributions.

To qualify for this discount program, you need to be a verifiable Debian Developer. Please email us at from your Debian email account, signed with your Debian public key. In the email body, request access to this discount program and we will email a voucher code to you. Then you can simply go the Purism product page, choose the model you want, and once it has been added to your “cart” input the voucher code in the “coupon” line of the Cart and benefit from those beautiful savings.

A big thank you to all of those who give their time and knowledge to the advancement of Free Software!

Librem 13 Promotional Video

Let me introduce to you the new Librem 13 video.

Unlike the other videos I have made to promote this beautiful laptop, I decided, this time, to stay away from any 3D computer graphics and to shoot the real device in a studio made for the occasion.

This was pretty challenging as I wanted a black background with a reflective ground along with smooth camera and light movements. We also had to deal with things that don’t exist in the world of computer graphics like dust and fingerprints (what a nightmare that was!).

This video has been shot in 2 days and was entirely edited and color graded with Kdenlive on PureOS 8, all smoothly running on the Librem 13 itself.

This video is released under the CC BY-SA license (by Purism), so feel free to use it and share it as much as you like!